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Isn’t it rather frustrating to repeat mistakes which could otherwise be avoided? RIGHT. So we came up with the idea of Helping Dude, an online platform for all your doubts on career options, counselling for various issues and fascinating articles on almost every topic there is to know. All your queries will be answered by our experts hailing from the best institutes in India. We are also continuously trying to increase our reach among the student community.

Currently, we are targeting a few of the most common issues in the field of CODING, VARIOUS COMPETITIVE EXAMS, TECHNOLOGY and PRODUCTIVITY.

Our vision is the overall boundless development of the student community.


I am Abhibhaw, currently pursuing my U.G. from NIT Rourkela and am the current Technical Head of Helping Dude. Being a student as well as a developer, I love to create something which can be a helping hand for the student’s community. After all, this is the place where I belong.

During my school days, I realized that there is a huge lack of proper guidance and mentorship among students. Being an introvert, it was difficult for me to directly approach my teacher, be it asking doubts or career options. Often we feel shy to ask our seniors for help. Or, in certain cases, don’t have a relevant senior in our contact. That hit me with an idea of Helping Dude.

We surveyed our seniors and almost everyone was ready to help their juniors. But when we conducted the same survey among our juniors, most of them hesitated to ask for help. Further, we conducted an anonymous doubt clearing session, where the user can hide their identity while asking doubts, and the results were shocking. We received more doubts than the actual number of surveyed people!

Here at Helping Dude, students can ask as many doubts as they want and no one would ask for their identity. (Nobody to judge, cool right?)

We currently have a team of 8 permanent authors, who will craft amazing articles to help you out in your journey. We also invite guest authors and mentors through our internship programs conducted thrice a year. Permanent authors, mentors and members for different roles are selected based on their performance in different tasks of their internship.


  1. Abhibhaw A.
  2. Adarsh Dubey (LEAD)
  3. Amartya Chaudhary
  4. Prashant Tripathi
  5. Shravan K.N.
  6. Swadhin Dviwedi

Design Team

  1. Adarsh Gond. (Lead)
  2. Rajan Pandey.

Technical Team

  1. Abhibhaw A. (LEAD)
  2. Shravan K.N. (Co-Founder)

Social Media Team

  1. Ananya Asthana.
  2. Amartya Chaudhary (SMM Manager)
  3. Aniket Pal
  4. Swadhin Dviwedi (LEAD)

Helping Dude Partnership Program


The free e-book library. Upcoming Project, currently under development. Managed by Aviral Kumar Asthana.

The above lists are updated every month. Last Updated on: 15-05-2020.

We will soon increase our services which are currently under development or in the testing phase. You would be amazed to see them all, but for now you can check out our informative articles 😉

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