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What to wear for Job Interviews

The biggest confusion one could have is what should I wear for a formal presentation or interview. Sometimes even after great preparation and owning an awe-striking portfolio we still miss out in impressing or rather say, creating a memorable presentation in interviews. This is exactly where what you wear comes to help!

what to wear

Does what we wear for an interview matter?

Whether you like it or not, but the fact is we are judged even before we utter a word, or while we walk through the door and sit in front of the interviewer, or even before we submit our files- on what we wear. It is quite natural and lets’ agree that all of us do it too. Maybe not exactly judging a person with what he/she wears but an impression is created in our mind with the attire they wear. And the fact is we all do want to create a better image of ourselves. As the saying goes the ‘first impression is the best impression’.

Thus it’s very much important to wear the perfect outfit to slay the interview. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Knowledge is undeniably the most important factor to nail an interview. But a well-dressed person with knowledge is someone companies can never say no to!

And in the competitive world that we live in, with almost everyone equally talented and knowledgeable, what we wear does matter.

Importance of wearing the right outfit!

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, the confidence and cheerfulness in you are overtly expressed. It also gives higher regard for you making one remember you even after interviewing 15-20 people.

Doesn’t it brighten up your day when someone says that you look good in what you are wearing? Don’t you feel the urge of confidence pouring out of you? That’s what a right outfit provides you with!

Here are a few tips you may want to follow to help you choose the right outfit for your interview.

Matching the attire with the job profile

formal wear

You surely don’t want to show up in a casual t-shirt and track pants for a business interview or in a formal suit for a sports trainee interview. Understand what designation you are being interviewed for and match your outfit to that. Most of the time we are respected for what we are wearing so it is important not to go overboard with your fashion skills, especially for a formal interview. You can also check the company’s dress code, if any, and wear accordingly. Even then if you are totally confused, let me help you- Conservative styles can never go wrong!

Vibing with the seriousness of the event

group discussions

Do not show up in flashy colors and glittery decoration. Creating an impression is not proportional to gaining all the attention. You surely don’t want them to think you are irrelevant to the company’s code of ethics. The attire should speak out how important this job is for you! Try not to create an image which tells you have taken the whole interview thing as a joke! 

Most of the people go wrong here. Your nervousness and enthusiasm could let you either overdress or underdress twirling up all the mayhem. Sometimes watching the other interviewee’s costume waiting next to you can cause adrenaline rush wanting to overdo your makeup or hair at the last minute. If these things bother you very much here is what you should understand:-

Less is more

Keep it simple and humble. Minimalism is on trend so there is really no need for heavy makeup or fancy accessories that make others focus a lot on your outfit than you! Let less is more be your mantra here. A simple pantsuit in case of men and shirt with an a-line skirt for women is definitely a yes! ( Again this depends on what job you are being interviewed for).  If you are being interviewed for an internship or college selection, less formal attires are accepted. 

Key tip for men: Always match your pants to your belt. This makes you look quite professional and a lot taller (A added plus).

A key tip for women: Try not to go for free hair ( Unless you are in an audition/interview to join the film industry). A ponytail or a bun looks more groomed. Also, free hair can cause a lot of disturbance.

Neutrals and Pastels never cheat on you

less is more

Worried about what color to choose? Neutral colors like black, white, grey are timeless classics. You can always rock on them. But if you are one who is sensing the rising youth who finds neutrals boring then pastels can be your go-to. Pastels are soft, delicate and classy. Flashy, poppy, quirky outfits can be saved for your party and not for an interview.

How you feel wearing what you wear

Feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing is an important factor. Do not wear clothes that are too tight which could restrict your moments. Clothes which make you feel conscious are definitely not the one you should pick. Most often people do categorize a few of their clothes as their lucky charm. If you have an emotional attachment to clothes like that it’s great to wear them as it can deliver a better aura of you!

Showcasing Professionalism

A well-groomed look is what you want to create. From ironed blazers to polished shoes, everything matters. A minute detail like dirty fingernails can be a turn-off. Knowing what looks good on you and slaying it accordingly is a sign of professionalism. If you are going to give a group presentation at your college or anywhere for that say, coordinating the dress with all the members does show how well-prepared each one of you are. It creates an impression of oneness which is important in teamwork. 

All’s well that ends well

formal wear worn by men

A small presentation at your college to internship/job interviews to business group discussions- what we wear and how well we carry it matters. But the important thing is never to forget to wear your ‘Smile’. A pleasant and cheerful face sets an optimistic feel in one’s mind. A well-dressed man with a grumpy face is not the ‘get -the -job’ look we are trying to create! Pull out the best from your wardrobe and wear it with a smile. As everyone is looking for the soft skills in you in the workplace, portray yourself as a pleasant, decent and charismatic person. And trust me, the job is yours!

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  1. chandreshmanitripathi

    It is really explained very well and contains all the necessities required to be a fit personality for the interview or for even any other important corporate events and as you said that before uttering a word we are judged by our attire we wear is remarkable and sounds at peak .
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    Good article for individuals who are stepping out in the professional world. It would surely help to enhance their first impressions.

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    During our interview we should wear an outfit that gives us confident and we will get more attention to our skills.


    Thank you for sharing the wonderful article. the best part according to me ” Matching the attire with the job profile”
    The article is really great.

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    In this article clearly explain about the outfit to be wear for an interview and now days a outfit one part of education.This is very useful article for an youth generation

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    A must read for all the final year students who are about to give their campus interviews. This article clearly and very nicely tried to answer the question ‘what should I wear for the interview’. Remember ‘first impression is the best impression’ and wearing correct clothes could could very much help you in getting your dream job. So do read it well.

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    Loved your article!!
    It is useful to us, especially youngsters
    dress sense it should be in formal way,we should not wear party wear dresses or shiny dresses,torn jeans,we should not look stylish and modern ,as job interview is not a fashion show .Our dressing sense determines our discipline and dedication towards work ,so it should be in polite and formal way
    You explained in a beautiful way

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    This is very useful article. And such a big problem that what to wear gor job interview. And all points beautifully covered in this article.

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    This is important one. The article explain clearly about the outfit to be wear for a interview or a job and the Outfit which suits for the profile it gives confidence.

  12. This article is really helpful for students..what we have to wear means its really depends on the region job site that is professional or unprofessional.

  13. Kishalay Goswami

    It’s a good article really informative for new interviewer. Your skin color, your coolness does not matter for a job interview behaviour, talking style & most important your dressing sense really matters for your interview. It can make a good impression on you. Thank you for giving us these important information very helpful.

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    A very useful article for the students and job seekers. First impression is the best impression right? Dressing plays a major role in the interviews and this article helps with it

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    This is an amazing and interesting article. It says about how outfit is important for an interview and how it create a huge impact during the time of interview.

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