Money or Fame: What would you choose?

Money or Fame: What would you choose?

Happiness. It is a state of mind. A man aims for an outcome when he works. The intention of a man’s action is unpredictable and different from others. One would work for money, recognition, peace, and success. However, all the views converge on the fairy realm of happiness. Happiness is the ultimate possession everyone craves for. Apart from the materialistic needs, other needs like power, confidence, and contentment are often overlooked. When emotional, mental, and materialistic cravings are attained, a sense of comfort and security is experienced. This eventually leads to happiness. But happiness is subjective. One finds happiness in success and the others in fame and name. Between fame and money, what would weigh more? Which would be the shortest path to reach happiness?


One of the intersections of fame and money is that they are success accepted by the society. Fame is aimed on a creative platform. Most of the writers and artists aim for recognition and the way to the penny is followed by fame. The celebrities who are famous are not half rich as we think they are. For example, YouTube, the most used app these days is based on recognition. One has to be famous enough to get paid by the community. The fame on the platform is calculated based on the views. The more the views one gets, the higher pay one receives. It is hard to believe that Mike Tyson, an insanely popular boxer, just has a net worth of 3 million dollars currently.

In a nutshell

But people often have mixed up emotions about popularity and wealth. They let the fame get into their head and start running behind it for more attention. They are in an infinite loop of trying to get what they want and there is an equal chance to achieve it and otherwise. It’s all glitters when one gets one’s desires fulfilled. This process might be a serious threat to one’s wellbeing and end up in a wound that cannot be healed if it does not end up well.

money or fame: Fame negativity

Not everyone is fortunate enough to turn fortune into money. Take Joe Sabia, the voice behind Vogue’s 73 questions. He is popular for interviewing liked celebrities of Hollywood. We all know that he works for Vogue and earns his daily bread through it. No one really bothers about the car he drives or the name of his pet. He is famous for doing something that earns him money. If I’m famous for something that is productive to me and beneficial to the society, that is a useful fame. Being famous for having fame does not give one much respect and gratitude especially when it costs you the future. A fame like that would let you have few free passes and alcohol to nightclubs and nothing more. It tends to fade with time and does not create a solid reputation that lasts a lifetime.


One always looks into the perks of being in a situation. Similarly, being popular also has several perks. The major possible perks are contentment of achieving, closure to validation, having numerous connections worldwide and public attention. Unconventional perks like these definitely tempt people into fame. The other side of the coin is lack of privacy and your personal life is never personal, insecurity and imbalance.


money or fame: Money

Currency is vital in life. It is essential that literally helps you survive in the world. When you have money, it guides you to live up to your expectations. It lets you consume what you want and similarly discards what you don’t. It gives you endless liberty to choose. Enough money will not let you look back in life considering that one is pink in one’s mental and physical health. Money is the key to luxuries and materialist contentment. It also helps you to gain power. Through money, one might be the most powerful. Many popular personalities are famous but are not rich enough and fame can never feed you a day while money can.

A pro or a con?

Most of the people who are motivated to earn money end up in a rat race where one always wants to be richer than the other. Rat races and world peace are two things that can never be achieved permanently. Notice that a rat race never leaves you contented from inside besides having a million insecurities. Money has turned people greedy and evil.   

My two cents

If you ask me what I’d choose between fame and money, I’d chose money in a minute. It lets me travel and unlock several luxuries that a common man could not afford. I’m never really interested in the limelight or neither care about what people think. I’d never have to kill dreams and aspirations when I have enough money. I can spend my youth in an exploration of the fields of my interests instead of earning a livelihood. I’d never want to be loaded with money because of the obvious cons. I just enough cash to live without compromise. Besides money, the next I want is a good influence on my life.

Comment below and let me know what you’d choose 😉

Saadhvi Devineni

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  1. Rohit Shahu

    Great blog! Good job keep it up

  2. Rohit Shahu

    I would choose Money 💸💵 cause I can explore the world with it

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