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Learning styles: A new trend to follow

Style. The first thing that comes in mind after hearing or seeing this word is fashion. But, there are other things that style relates. They are handwriting, design, walking, eating, drinking etc. Among all these there is another one that is unknown to many i.e. learning style. Ever heard of it? Yeah! There exists something known as ‘Learning styles’. Already, we are aware of what kind of learning style we prefer. We need to realize that’s it. If you are not aware, then at the end of this article you will.

Learning styles are a wide range of theories which help to differentiate the methods of learning adopted by individuals. The idea of individual learning styles popped in 1970s. If teachers develop their teachings according to the learning styles of various individuals then, there will be revolution in the history of education. These are important because one prefers a particular style, if taught accordingly then; it will boost the learning process. In similar to preferences in case of fashion, one prefers to learn in distinct learning style. If forced to learn in the old traditional way then, it affects the learning strategy which in turn affects the individuals.

Let us learn about the types of styles.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learning style

Do you prefer lectures over reading it later? Are you able to remember most of the lecture? If the answer is yes to both of them then, you are an auditory learner who prefers to learn things presented through sound and speech. This style of learning involves recordings of the chapters and listening it multiple times. The learners who prefer this learning style face difficulties in understanding things that is drawn or written.  People who belong with this style are good listeners and extroverts.

Assets of being an auditory learner

  1. Good listening ability which increases the chances of having more friends.
  2. Courage to speak up in class.
  3. Explains ideas aloud without hesitating.
  4. Quick identification of change in tone.
  5. Ability to tell stories in an impressive manner.
  6. Granted membership in study groups.
  7. Good impression in case of presentations.

Small tip – Record lectures and listen to it multiple times. This helps to boost the learning process of auditory learners.

Visual Learning style

Visual learning style

In this style, the learners learn through pictures. They try to visualize things. The main trait of visual learners is that they remember what they see instead of what they hear. Maps, pictures and colors are helpful to those who prefer visual learning style. They need to see things in order to learn. Sound or speech will not be of any favor. They learn by capturing the brightness and color of the image. Visual learners learn better in modern classrooms due to the presence of projectors. Videos and pictures on the internet are useful aids too.

Advantages of being a visual learner

  1. Possess excellent organizing skills.
  2. Chances of getting lost are less because of an ability to visualize maps.
  3. Visualizes objects easily.
  4. Possess strong sense of color.
  5. Very much color-oriented.
  6. Great sense of balance and ailment.
  7. Good at spellings.

Tiny Tip – Watch as much videos as possible. Videos contain pictures which boosts the learning process of visual learners.

Verbal learning style

Verbal learning style

If you recall the words spoken and written then, you prefer verbal learning style. It is different from auditory and visual learning styles because it involves words. Verbal learners love to play with words. Tongue twisters are their favorite. This type of learning style makes one read and write a lot. Learners make efforts to learn new words. They behave like a walking dictionary. People who prefer this style use more phrases and words which they learnt recently. Verbal learning also includes learning of verbal stimuli and responses like letters and digits.

Benefits to verbal learners

  1. Learning new words becomes easier.
  2. Gifted with good vocabulary.
  3. Learning new languages is easy.
  4. Good impression in reading and writing activities.
  5. Conversion of complex words into easier ones.
  6. Easier absorption of information through words.
  7. Freedom to depend  on themselves.

Mini Tip – Make as much notes as possible. Writing things will boost the learning process.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic learning style

Do you like to learn things while walking or during any physical activities? Do you feel restless while listening to long lectures? If the answer is yes then, you prefer kinesthetic learning style. Learners learn better during physical activities. They face trouble in learning by the old traditional way. They are eager to learn things practically than theoretically. But, they have memory issues too. This type of learning style suits one who is full of vim and zest. This style exposes learners to practical knowledge.

Traits of kinesthetic learners

  1. Have upper hand in sports.
  2. Good hand-eye coordination.
  3. Great performance in art and drama.
  4. Good at practical knowledge.
  5. Able to duplicate something after doing it once.
  6. Magnificent experimenters.
  7. Contain loads of energy.

Minor tip – Try to combine sports and learning. This is the best combination for a learner who prefers kinesthetic learning style.

Logical learning style

Logical learning style

If you are able to complete the logical sequences quicker than others then, you prefer logical learning style. This type of style suits one who prefers finding the logic behind everything. Learners who prefer this style are able to solve complex problems. They like games which involve logic like chess. Recognition of pattern is an easy task to such learners. This style involves organizing things and provides a systematic way to learning. Learners have a scientific approach to thinking which makes them create procedures for future use.

Strengths of logical learners

  1. Use of reasoning and logical sequencing to absorb information.
  2. Good at problem solving, math and logical patterns.
  3. Excellent in working in organized environment.
  4. Natural way of thinking and putting ideas into reality.
  5. Strong visual analysis and memory.
  6. Gives more priority to common sense than feelings.
  7. Straight-forward manner of writing.

Little Tip – Make bullet points while taking notes. Logical learners like to keep things in an organized manner. So, this will help in boosting the learning process.

Social learning style

Social learning style

This is a secondary learning style that suits best for extroverts. Social learning involves learn in groups or teams. They learn by interacting with learners. People who prefer this style are good at counseling and advising others. Social learning encourages learners to learn about other learner’s learning style. Leadership is the major trait of such kind of learners. They face trouble in working or learning alone. There is no scarcity of friends for people who prefer this learning style.

Attributes of social learners

  1. Vocal and possess good adjustment nature.
  2. Collaborates easily with a new team member.
  3. Possesses leadership qualities.
  4. Good understanding nature.
  5. Active participation in social activities.
  6. Good communication skills.
  7. Expression of views without hesitation.

Minor Tip – Engage yourself more in group activities. This is the best option because Social learners are most active in social activities.

Solitary learning style

If you like to learn things alone and feel discomfort in places like classrooms then, you prefer solitary learning style. Learners who prefer this style stay away from crowded places and choose self-learning. They prefer self-development workshops. Learners like to solve problems in a quiet place. They are aware of their abilities and involve in self-development process. Introverts prefer this type of style because they like to spend time alone. Learners with this style prefer learning independently.

Qualities of solitary learners

  1. Keep a personal diary or journal.
  2. Possess excellent self-management skills.
  3. Spends time on self-development.
  4. Extremely independent.
  5. Possess a strong sense of self.
  6. Stays self-motivated.
  7. Highly self-aware of their own skills, weakness and strengths.

Mini Tip – Find a place which is quiet and comfortable. Learners who prefer this style will learn better when alone.

These are the different types of learning systems. Identify what type of learning system you prefer and try to improve your strengths and diminish your weakness so as to perform better.

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Anusha Desai

Student at NIT, Rourkela. Love to write and draw.

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        Learning is more important in our life and without that nothing would be happen in each stage of life we would be learn newly about the that and we have different styles to learn


    Really interesting article . Its so good to know there are so many learning styles and i guess we use multiple learning styles in our life. I prefer Kinesthetic Learning Style and visual learning style since it makes me more effective. How about you?

    1. It’s an inspiring article… Everyone learns different, everyone has different intelligences.You may even have a different way of learning for each of your intelligences.So, if you really want to know what is the best learning style for you? I recommend you to find what is what are your intelligences and what is your learning styles.

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    This is really very interesting. I didn’t know about the various types of learning process, after reading this article now I am aware about the different types of learning systems. Thank you helping dude for giving us this type of quality content where we can learn something in the daily basis.

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    Learning is the good thing . And we should properly maintain that habit. We have many kinds of learning. By learning we gain lot of knowledge.

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    This is very helpful article, that learning is the best part of everyone’s life. From learning knowledge get developed. From this article I learn the different types of learning.

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    It emaizing process

  10. It’s an inspiring article… Everyone learns different, everyone has different intelligences.You may even have a different way of learning for each of your intelligences.So, if you really want to know what is the best learning style for you? I recommend you to find what is what are your intelligences and what is your learning styles.

  11. Nandhini M

    Interesting article. Everyone has different style of learning. In this article describes about the various styles of learning.

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    Good article, different people different styles of learning
    Most of us prefer visual and social learning..
    I learnt new styles of learning-logical learning it’s pretty interesting,and the assets of learner courage to speak in the class is important thing!!
    This article develop an ease to learn

  13. ANMOL

    This article is very interesting since learning helps the individual to acquire the necessary skills through learning and knowledge so that he can achieve his set goals. The importance and the benefits of learning in new ways has been beautifully described in the article. I used to have a perception about learning and that was related to the class room learning that we often do , but after reading the article I have understood that no matter what you do you are learning something and that may be useful for the long run.
    Thanks for sharing the article and hope to read some more articles on similar topics in the near future.

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    This article is very interesting and informative. After reading this article I came to know many things about learning and also understand the importance of learning and its types.

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    A much needed article for the students and learners. The learning styles explained here helps one to identify his own way of learning and doing it much effectively and efficiently than before

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