Is the hard work put in JEE worth it?

Is the hard work put in JEE worth it?

 Dreams! Everyone dreams of one thing or the other during childhood. But, only few strive to fulfill them. Remaining put their hard work in something else forgetting their dreams. There might be several reasons for doing so. Some might succeed while others may not. There are various things people aim for in today’s world. It is dream for few, need for few and requirements for others. JEE, the key to unlock a seat in the most prestigious colleges in India is one of them. If the hard work put by the aspirants was a precious gem, then India would be the richest country for ages.

But, is the hard work put in JEE worth it? Few work hard willingly. But, there are few who work hard due to pressure of various things sacrificing their dreams. Is the sacrifice necessary? If the sacrifice is for success, then will the person be happy? There is something that tries to remind the dream. But, they ignore it and work hard more. But, is ignoring the things which make you happy worth it? Even if one succeeds will he be able to be happy? Or what if he fails? Then all the hard work will be a waste. There are many things which JEE aspirants experience. Let us know a few of them.

The lunacy about JEE  

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People are crazy about brands all over the world. In India, people treat IITs as brands. There is lunacy about them in all parts of India. This lunacy makes the aspirants suffer due to pressure in few cases. But, most of them attempt JEE forgetting their own dreams because of the respect an IITian or NITian receives. Not all, but lakhs of aspirants attempt JEE in order to settle in life because of the position holds in the society.

But, does this type of settling make all those aspirants happy? Some might had other plans and dreams. But, they made cracking JEE as their dream so as to cope up with the lunacy of the society. But, becoming a prey to the lunacy and working hard is it worth it? Is JEE more important than self-respect? This lunacy has destroyed many lives. When everyone around you is crazy about something, you become crazy too. It is psychologically proven. This lunacy makes one work hard pushing all his limits. Is the hard work for JEE which is outcome of some lunacy instead of own will worth it?

Pressure from peers and family

Peers and family play an important role in life. They are the main support system of an individual. But, in some cases they become the main reason for working hard for exams like JEE. When the insect of lunacy about IIT/NIT bites the family, then the amount of pressure put on the children increases. In that case, the child not only loses his freedom to enjoy the teenage years, he also loses his health because of tremendous amount of pressure. Is the hard work that comes due to stress and pressure worth giving a shot in JEE?

Peers play equal role in increasing the pressure. The thought that friend is going ahead in studies evokes jealousy. Jealousy is a dangerous weapon. It can make one work harder ignoring the things around him. He completely indulges himself in attaining perfection required to crack JEE. There are few who criticize others based on their lack of ability to score good marks. These become another reason for hard work to increase multiple times. Is the hard work that is the outcome of jealousy and desire to prove others wrong in cracking JEE worth it?

Hypocrite society

Well, this sentence – “What will the society say?” is the reason behind abortion of most of the dreams when they are in fetus state. The society’s approval is a must in everything. The society appreciates engineers from the popular and prestigious colleges in the nation. This is the reason why families force their children to work hard on the subjects so as to crack JEE. They do not care whether those subjects come under the subjects that interest the child.

They want their child to graduate from a prestigious institute and become a part of the hypocrite society. The society showers praises when someone chooses a career which is unique. But, when it comes to their child, they want him to clear prestigious exams and join into colleges which got the tagged as a brand. They want the seal of these branded colleges in the resume of their children. So, they pressurize their children to work hard. Is the hard work put in JEE so as to gain appreciation from the society worth it?

Coaching from sixth grade for JEE

Not all, but there are few parents who wants their child to crack JEE so badly that they admit their child in the schools which provide coaching for JEE from 6th grade. Kids start experiencing pressure from the tender age. They have to improve their marks in subjective exams and their score in objective exams. To obtain appreciation from parents, peers and teachers, they work hard. Kids who should enjoy their childhood without knowing the meaning of pressure are experiencing it already.

There are kids who utilize the coaching and score good marks in JEE in the end. But, along with happiness, they carry the burden of regret. Regret of not enjoying their childhood. This regret stays with them throughout the life because the childhood cannot come back ever. Not to forget, in this age a villain might enter their lives. Guess who? Jealousy! Immaturity combined with jealousy is a dangerous thing. These both may make the child aggressive and push him to work hard. Is the hard work that carries regret worth it?

Grade 11 – The game begins

As soon as one enters 11th grade, the pressure increases exponentially. The main reason is shortage of time. Pressure is the main reason behind the sudden rise in hard work which may or may not be worth it. Few try their best from the day one of grade 11. Even the teachers start pressurizing students. But, the aspirant might take it in other way and work hard until he reaches his extreme point. If the student is familiar with JEE exam concepts a little bit at the beginning of grade 11 then, it will be easy for him to work hard.But, what about those who were not familiar with the whole JEE concept, they struggle to work hard.

They might be forced to join the JEE course. After the beginning of grade 12, the aspirant has to concentrate both on boards and JEE. He cannot neglect either one of them. JEE is based on NCERT but, it requires a lot of hard work. There are a lot of models of questions that might be important for JEE but not for boards. So, after the beginning of grade 12 there is a war between boards and JEE. Some can make peace between both the parties. But, some cannot, in that case, if either one lose then it is a huge loss for the student. Some even spend one year to prepare for JEE. Is it worth to work hard for a year or get less in boards?

Results of JEE

is jee result worth?

The day of JEE results is the day which is either a nightmare or a beautiful dream. Results tell whether the hard work was sufficient or there might be more needed. This is the dreadful day for few. Among those, few dare to end their lives due to unexpected disaster. But, is it worth to take lives just because an exam didn’t go well? Many aspirants put tons of hard work in preparing for the exam while ignoring the world. Is that worth it? Well, it might be a prestigious exam. But such huge amount of hard work? Is that worth it at the end?

If the results are good, then one gets praised a little and criticized more because he didn’t get better results. The one who gets better is criticized because he didn’t get best. Criticism is common for all except those who got top ranks. What about others? They didn’t work hard to get criticized at the end. If criticism is what they get in return of hard work then, why do hard work in the first place? Not only criticism, there is a burden of guilt and regret too. Guilt because he didn’t make it up to his parent’s satisfaction and regret because he chose the wrong one. Is the hard work that would provide nothing but guilt and regret worth it?

The journey continues

jee worth: the journey

Those who get amazing results will choose their dream colleges and start a new phase of their life. Few who got unexpected results choose the unexpected colleges. Aspirants who belong to the category of, ‘I tried, but, I could not crack.’ will either choose some random college or work hard for another year. But, the time gone does not come back. Is the hard work for a year again worth it? There are few who have no idea about practical knowledge because they were so busy in preparing for the exam that they didn’t care about anything.

Is hard work which does not provide any practical knowledge worth it? There are few who could not make it to their dream colleges. Guilt and regret may haunt them. Is hard work that leaves guilt and regret behind worth it? There are students who could not crack the exam. Was their hard work less? They worked hard too but, at the end they could not make it. If they had put the same amount of hard work in something they love with all the heart, then they would have succeeded in life. Is the hard work which could not help them crack JEE worth it?

Is the hard work put in JEE worth it? Or was it worth it? Think about it. You will find the answer. If it is worth it then, it is good. But, what if it is not? To avoid this question, one should pursue that career which one’s heart guides ignoring all the other factors like family, peers and society.

Anusha Desai

Student at NIT, Rourkela. Love to write and draw.

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