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How to finance educational career

Education! It is the secondary need of humans. Everyone dreams of learning in their field of interest. Learning is a part of growing. The path of education is beautiful when mind, soul and heart become one and help an individual in acquiring it. Since centuries, learning was never easy if one didn’t have money. During the era of kings, caste system didn’t allow many to acquire education. The story of Karna is the best example. But, today after the eradication of the plague known as ‘The Caste System’ , there is another problem i.e. financial problem, which leads to a common question ‘How to finance one’s educational career?’

Financial problem is the main reason behind sacrifice of the dreams dreamt by many. Few with desire to learn, don’t have money to finance educational career. Few with money don’t have the desire. There are people with both. If financial help becomes the backbone of support, then the chances of the nation reaching the top position increases. The development of the nation to a next level depends highly on the youth who dreams to learn and contribute to the nation’s development. Many fail to acquire proper financial support due to lack of proper guidance. As a form of guidance necessary for every individual, here is a list of ways that can help one to acquire financial support for a smooth educational career.

Internships – A weapon to finance educational career

Internships finance educational career

Internships, a professional learning experience or a kind of part time job, helps students to learn new stuffs and gain experience. Not only that, they help students to earn money. There are several companies and websites that provide opportunities to students so as to help them in making their educational career free from obstacles. Some internships are paid and some unpaid. But, student gets a chance to learn something new in both. Experience helps student to get selected for more internships in future.

The student can choose his field of internship from numerous options available. Internships from websites provide an option of work from home. So, those students facing difficulties in travelling can apply for those. The companies and websites which offer internship opportunities for students are –


  1. Paypal
  2. Arista
  3. ITC
  4. Microsoft
  5. Goldman Sachs
  6. Cadbury
  7. Directi
  8. American Express


  1. Internshala
  2. LetsINTERN
  3. LinkedIn
  4. GlassDoor
  5. Hello Intern
  6. Twenty19
  7. AngelList
  8. OysterConnect

Scholarships – prize that helps to remove obstacles

scholarship to finance educational career

Scholarship, a pillar to support students seeking financial help to fulfill their dreams, is a kind of financial help provided by government as well as private organizations. There are exams which act as a key to unlock scholarships. Meritorious and underprivileged students have chance of acquiring scholarships.
The talent of the student helps in gaining help from other sources. The student gets money every month once the lock of scholarship opens. Government has schemes to provide scholarships. Few of them are –

  1. National means cum merit scholarship
  2. Prime Minister Scholarship scheme
  3. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarships for College and University schemes
  4. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan yojna
  5. National Talent Search Examination

There are few scholarships based on talent. They are –

  1. Kalkriti fellowship
  2. Mani Mann Fellowship
  3. Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarship
  4. Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar
  5. Young Artistes Scholarship

Not only these, there are sports scholarships too. If one is good in sports then, he can acquire scholarships too. One of them is AAI Sports Scholarship Scheme in India. Women can get scholarships too. Few scholarships for them are –

  1. Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Scholarship
  2. Tata Housing Scholarships for Meritorious Girl Students
  3. UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program
  4. Santoor Women’s Scholarship
  5. Dr. Reddy’s Foundation Sashakt Scholarship

There are several other scholarships too which you can google that help students willing to pursue their dreams.

Part time jobs – small step to finance educational career

Part time jobs finance educational career

Part time jobs are different from internships in terms of periods of duration and skills. Internships require specific skills and are for a short period of time. The most common part time jobs are food delivery jobs in companies like swiggy, zomato, food panda, dominos etc. They do not interfere much in academics. So, maintaining balance between them and academics is easy. They require little experience and basic skills. Few companies hire newbies too.

One can get experience to apply for other part time jobs and financial help for a good educational career. Options for part time jobs include –

  1. HR Recruiter
  2. Accountant
  3. Customer Service
  4. Sales Consultant
  5. Home Tutor
  6. Content writer/editor
  7. Web Designer
  8. Mystery shopper
  9. Career Counselor

Part time jobs are the best when one masters balance between them and academics. Most of them will not interfere in academics. But, there is a possibility that they consume time more than academics. So, one should be careful while choosing them.

NGOs and companies – other sources that help in paving the path

NGOs to finance educational career

There are organizations like NGOs that help one to finance educational career. They provide scholarships to ambitious students. There are companies and celebrities who fund NGOs. NGOs are non-profit organizations which work to profit others. They also motivate students to pursue careers in educations which they once dreamt of. There are companies that provide financial assistance to students whose ambition is to reach peaks.

NGOs provide financial, emotional and moral support. Companies provide financial assistance through scholarships. They even provide opportunities for the students, who acquired scholarships, a chance to work in their company. Here is a list of companies and NGOs that provide financial support.


  1. Reliance Industries Ltd
  2. Wipro Ltd
  3. Bajaj Auto Ltd
  4. Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd
  5. Infosys Ltd
  6. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd
  7. Tata Steel Ltd
  8. ITC Ltd
  9. Jindal Steel & Power Ltd


  1. Magic Bus Foundation
  2. Bright Life Foundation
  3. Aga Khan Foundation
  4. ShikshaDaan Foundation
  5. Azim Premji Foundation

Financial Assistance for students willing to study abroad

Studying abroad is the dream of many. It seems to be impossible when there is lack or no financial support. But, impossible itself says ‘I am possible’. The government of India offers special scholarships for students who want to study abroad. Under National Overseas Scholarship Scheme, the government provides various scholarships for students. Few scholarships are base on the college which the student chooses. Moreover, even the colleges abroad award scholarships for Indian students. A student has a lot of opportunities to study abroad with the help of these scholarships.

Scholarships for students willing to study abroad

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship
  2. Tata Scholarship
  3. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  4. Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  5. Chevening Scholarships
  6. Inlaks Scholarship
  7. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees 

In conclusion, scholarships are awarded to the student, if he gets selected for the college otherwise not. Whereas, the student has to take help of his talent to get these scholarships to finance educational career.

Loans – a support to finance educational career

loans to finance educational career

The banks give loans for students with certain interest. Moreover, students can pay back the loans after settling in a job. In addition, they instill a sense of responsibility in students because it is them who are going to pay them back. Any student can get loans irrespective of source of income. Currently, acquiring loans from banks and public and private organizations is an easy process. In addition, sanctioning of loans takes place within a week after verification of documents. Loans are available for almost all courses.

It is applicable to Indian as well as foreign colleges. In brief, applying for a loan is an easy process. Basically, it is an online as well as offline process. Moreover, the interest rates of these loans are less so as to make the repayment process easy for students. In order to get loan, the student has to be good in academics then, he can apply for loans. One has to be careful while choosing the bank for loans because few do not permit change of course.

Loans for study in India

  1. SBI Education Loan
  2. HDFC Bank Education Loan
  3. Canara Bank Education Loan
  4. Bank of India Education Loan
  5. Bank of Baroda Education Loan

Banks which provide loans for abroad studies

  1. State Bank of India
  2. Axis Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. Punjab National Bank
  5. Canara Bank
  6. IDBI Bank
  7. Bank of Baroda

Finally, one must be very careful while choosing the bank and the loan. The repayment methods should be considered before applying for loans.

In conclusion, if one has a strong desire to pursue educational career of his will, then there are various things to offer help to finance educational career. But, the desire should be constant till the end so as to stay on the path and not get distracted in the middle.

Anusha Desai

Student at NIT, Rourkela. Love to write and draw.

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