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Boards Counselling, Suggestions and Preparation Tips

Boards are the most memorable examinations ever given by a student in his/her studying period. If you’re a board aspirant then this article is totally dedicated to you. The very first thing I want to suggest is that when you’re filling your board registration form, do ensure again and again that all the credentials filled by you are correct. Recheck your name, parent’s name and date of birth. It is very important to fill it properly because all this information will be printed on your result. As you all must be aware that 10th and 12th mark sheets are required at every point of your life, therefore, the information so provided must be correct.

If you’re going for boards just don’t panic. Do your regular studies and have fun with your experience. Boards are nothing but your other final examination, so you need not feel very different about it. It is quite obvious that you must give special care towards studies and your approach towards this exam but you need not to panic. Just enjoy the process

What to study?


Isn’t it the most important question? I want to share my suggestions on this topic for obvious reasons. Students giving 10th boards are mostly concerned with a question that shall they study from the notes provided by their teachers or shall they follow a particular book mentioned in their curriculum?

My suggestion will be to go briefly through both of the contents and then decide it by yourself which one to choose. It doesn’t really matter if you study from a book or your teacher’s notes but what matters is you should study according to the syllabus. Do the preparations in accordance with your syllabus. Boards being a responsible authority, it always makes sure that the questions asked shall not go beyond the syllabus. Therefore it is advisable to keep in touch with the syllabus while preparation.

Now coming to the 12th boards, a common question that strikes every child’s mind is Shall they focus on boards only or competitive exams too? The answer is very simple. When the exams arrive, just before a month or two get totally dedicated towards boards. Your percentage in boards matters a lot to appear for any competition. Every competitive exam follows it’s own eligibility criteria and almost in every exam you’ll find a section that makes a certain percentage of marks in your board examination compulsory to appear in that competition. So, when it’s board time just focus on your board’s syllabus.

You can download the latest syllabus from your respective Boards Official Websites.

CBSE: Here, ICSE: Here, ISC: Here

How to study?

Now, when it comes to how to study then it becomes important to know something about time management. Always remember one thing that focussing on a particular subject cannot give you a higher percentage. Make sure to give time to each and every subject. Make a habit of following a time table from morning till night. Design a time table according to your interest and follow it strictly. Give some time to each subject of your curriculum and try to cover all the subjects every day. Don’t panic if you’re unable to do so. Whichever subject feels to be covering slow, give it some more time the next day. Once you complete the syllabus, it is very helpful to the students if they sincerely solve the past ten years question papers. It also gives you a proper idea about the type and the level of the questions asked.

Revision of the syllabus is also very important. while studying try to make quick notes of every topic and save it for revision purpose. It is a time-saving technique because during revision, you do not have that amount of time to study the whole syllabus again so such quick notes help you a lot.

Always try to give your best throughout the year. Appear in all the class tests and give every exam sincerely either it is your half yearly exam or pre boards. It is not so tough to score good marks in boards but one thing you should keep in mind that not only hard work but also smart work leads you towards success.

How to overcome distractions during boards?


Distractions are obvious at your age. If not controlled, distractions will never lose your hand. It’s the human brain’s tendency to adopt different irrelevant thoughts in itself while you’re trying to concentrate on something. So what to do? How to counter this problem?

The best way is to talk to yourself. Rethink about your aim. Try to focus on your goal. Distraction can be reduced if you have determination. Determination towards your goal minimizes unwanted thoughts and actions. If you have that determination to do something, you’ll definitely succeed. Meditation is also an effective process to reduce distractions. Try to take out some minutes from your day to day life and meditate yourself alone in a room.


You should avoid using mobile phones unless required. Social media is also killing most of the precious time since it takes you to another virtual world and lets you think about it time and again. Therefore reduce the use of smartphones and social media platforms. Live in the real life which will surely minimize distractions.

The Pressure

If the board exam was a movie, the pressure would deserve the position of a villain. The case of pressure is totally different from distraction. Distraction enters in your life automatically but the pressure will only build up if and only if you let it build. At your age it is not possible to restrict pressure from entering your life. It builds up very easily at your age group so you need to know how to handle it and restrict it from affecting your performance. So why does the pressure builds up in a student’s life?


The main reason behind it is your negative overthinking. A student is always concerned about his/her future. When you’re highly concerned about something then negative thoughts start popping up in your brain which leads to build pressure about it. When you overthink about your result, percentage and future then you get yourself into such a condition that invites pressure to build up in your mind. My advice is not to overthink about anything. Your marks and percentage depends on your performance and not on your overthinking about it. So try not to think much about the future and remain in the present. Just believe in yourself and your preparations. If you’re prepared, you’ll definitely succeed in anything.

There’s also an examination hall pressure. Never get pressurized when you’re sitting in an examination hall. Try to be as normal as you can. Be yourself, don’t think about anything else and just start writing the paper. Don’t see the watch, again and again, it wastes your time. You can look at the watch to be aware of the remaining time but don’t do it repeatedly. Take the boards as an ordinary exam. It’s nothing more than that.

Life After Boards’ Result


When it’s result time, then obviously everyone is anxious, scared and a lot more feelings are running through their veins. If the result comes in favor, you’ll be happy but what if the result goes wrong?

This is the time you need to calm down. You can cry but remember one thing, never take any wrong step. It is very important to make you understand that your mere result is not what your future looks like! Your bad or even good result doesn’t define your future.

Sometimes people choose their stream according to the marks gained in the 10th or 12th boards. This is not the correct way of choosing what you’re gonna do in your whole life. Once you digest your result (either good or bad), sit down and ask yourself what you want to become in the future, what are the goals you want to achieve in your life and then take any decision about choosing any stream. Always try to talk to yourself, listen to what you want. Most of the parents suggest to take the stream of their choice but it’s your responsibility to tell them what you want to be.

Never take a result as the destination of your life, instead it is the beginning of your journey.

I would love to hear from your side, share your views below in the comment box. Consider sharing this article with a Board Aspirant. Any queries or suggestions, feel free to CONTACT US.

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    Board exam are important in our life so we have to prepare well for the board exam is next stage of life of the students. So this article gives nice tips for preparation.

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    Board exam is the exam of the entire family. Everybody in the house will be involved in your preparation for board exams. Your parents will be worried about you. They’ll make sure that you won’t get distracted or disturbed in anyway. So they’ll take your smartphone and cancel the TV subscription. With all this expectation the pressure is really high. But it’s also important take take short naps here and there. This will restore your concentration. Once you completed the syllabus you might feel that you know everything but hey revision is important. Due to the pandemic the study pattern of the students preparing for the boards have gone for a toss! Anyways the article was early amazing. I really enjoyed reading it. It made me remember my preparation days for the boards! Thank you for that.

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    If you are a punctual student then the board exam a is very easy for you. Study in the regular basis each and every subjects and make a short note of it, It will help you in the final exam. Thank for your tips.

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