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Everything About Beginning Your Coding Career

Coding is one of the most in-demand and highly paid skills these days. Either you want to build a fun game, or to run an airplane on auto-pilot, you can do it all with few lines of code. Your motivation to code maybe just to pass an exam or to have a better understanding overworking of modern technologies. Either it is for job security or for fun.

There are plenty of reasons why you should start learning to code right now. And believe me, it’s damn easy. So, just dig into this journey and I assure you will never regret it.

How To Begin Your Coding Journey?

Before you start writing your first code (mostly, “Hello, World!“), you should think of a strong reason “Why you want to learn to code?”. It is very important to have a strong reason before starting any journey of your life, or you will get bored of it and end up quitting it within a few weeks.

Now you have the reason to learn this amazing skill, so we can begin with learning the basics of computers. Yaa! you heard it right, you should know the basic working principles of computers before writing big programs. You must have heard that famous proverb “The Hardest answers lies in most Basic Concepts”.

Now, you have a reason to code and you know the basics too, so what’s next? It’s time to select your coding language.

Choose The Right Programming Language

Choose right language

There are about 700 programming languages(according to Wikipedia). The one which will be idle for you depends on your programming needs. If you want to code a website, you should go with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Likewise, mobile app development requires JAVA (for Android) or Swift (for iOS). So choosing the right language is extremely important.

Well, for general-purpose coding I will just you to go with “C language”.

Why C language?

“C” is one of the oldest programming languages, but still very popular. Many Tech giants like; Microsoft, Google, and Apple hire C programmers.

Learning “C” will clear all your basics about how a program work. It is also very easy to learn and plenty of free resources are available online. If you like reading books, start with “Let Us C“. If you like learning with video lectures, I will suggest some free resources at the end of the article.

As “C” is very strict about its syntaxes, it will be very easy for you to opt for other languages after learning “C”.

Python For Coding

python for coding

Python is known as the Queen of programming languages. It is an extremely popular and versatile coding language. From making a simple terminal application to creating big data handling projects, python can do it all. Our favorite social media sites like Instagram, and video suggestions from Youtube, all use Python.

It is very easy to learn and my personal favorite. If Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) is your call, then definitely Python is for you. You can start learning python after learning “C” basics. I will not recommend you to learn python from books as most of them are outdated. Rather you can read python docs, or watch the latest video lectures. For this too plenty of free content is available on the internet (Visit: youtube, or search udemy for free python courses).

JAVA For Coding

java for coding

If Python is the Queen of programming languages, then JAVA is the King. JAVA is also very versatile and one of the most used coding language. It’s also very easy to learn, and it reads like English. JAVA developers are paid really high and there is a lot of work out there for entry-level JAVA programmers.

If Android app development or back-end web development is what excites you, then JAVA is for you. After learning “C” basics, you can start learning JAVA. For this also there is plenty of free content available on Internet, one of them which I recommend is the EDX JAVA Course. I will not recommend you to enroll for it’s paid version, just learn from youtube, JAVA docs, or other free materials available online.


Cplusplus (C++) is an extremely popular programming language. Microsoft loves C++ programmers. If your target is to learn to code for placements and interviews, C++ is for you. You can proceed with any of these three main languages for competitive coding (only CC can help you in cracking a job in top tech companies) but I will recommend you to start with C++ for CC (Competitive Coding).

Migrating from C++ to C will be a very easy task as syntax in both the language are almost same. At the end C++ is just a better version of C. It will help you in clearing the basics of how a program or algorithm works. It may get hard, in the beginning to proceed CC with C++, but once you master the basics, life will be a lot more simple.

I will recommend the C++ Primer book for learning C++. You can also learn from plenty of video tutorials available for free on Youtube. You can also enroll for the C++ EDX course available for free by Microsoft.

What’s Next In Coding?

It will approximately take two months for an absolute beginner to reach this point. Now, you know the basics and your own primary programming language. So, what’s next?

Well, it’s totally your call now, till this point you will be able to find your own area of interest. You can continue accordingly as per your interest, or your job requirements.

App development, Web development, Machine Learning, Competitive Coding, Data Science, or anything you desire, the choice is yours. You will have enough options and logic to decide. I may write future articles on these topics and elaborate on each of these in separate articles. So stay tuned 😉

Another Way Of Approaching Coding

Another way of coding

If you are not interested in building your career or deep learning in coding and just wanted learn it to build some cool stuff for yourself. You can choose HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Development. And, JAVA, SWIFT or, simply Dart for App Development.

There are also plenty of building Frameworks available, to make your task easy like Flutter, Flask, Joomla, Bootstrap, Django and many more. You can learn any very easily as per your needs.

Resources To Begin Your Coding Journey

  • I highly recommend CS50, The Harvard Course available for free on EDX for learning basics of programming, C, Python, SQL and many more (See course structure for details).
  • Few Books (you can easily find it’s free PDFs online by googling the names) and Free Video Course, I have already suggested through the article.
  • Docs are available on the official coding language sites. (Example:- Search Google for “Python docs“).

Ending Words

At last, I will suggest you not to buy any unnecessary paid courses for learning basics. Opt for Paid Courses and Certifications only for Advance Topics as only those will help you in building your CV.

Share your thoughts about this article below in the comment box. Any Complains or suggestions, feel free to Contact Us. Consider sharing this article with those who are aspiring to begin their Coding Journey. And, Never Stop Learning.

Sharing is Caring 🙂


Abhibhaw Asthana is a Developer, blogger and designer. Interested in web and app developments. Pursuing his U.G degree at NIT Rourkela. Connects on Coffee, Tech, and Business ideas. He writes with a motive to educate people about the basics of technology and coding.

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